Calvary High School

New Education Building in Monterey, California

Education Building

This “green” building concept will provide classrooms and offices on a sloped 5-acre site in Monterey, CA. The building concept includes multiple daylighting strategies including southern orientation, wide shade overhangs, and clearstory windows with light shelves in order to direct indirect light (without glare) into the classrooms on both levels. The natural light will reduce daytime electrical use and has been linked to increased student performance (see below). Energy efficient ideas like a reflective roof, shading overhangs, low-E glass tinting, and insulated glazing reduce heat gain and cooling demands. These features are designed minimize operating costs for the school, thereby directing more funds to educational purposes.

"A newly released study, Greening America’s Schools, co-sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Capital E, a green building consulting firm, demonstrates that schools built with green features improve student performance and provide significant energy cost reductions." -ED&C Magazine, JAN '07.


Owner: Calvary High School
Architect: Thomas J. Carleton A.I.A.

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