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Oldtown Salinas Gateway Concept

A number of small cities in northern California, such as Castroville and Pleasanton, have had the foresight to erect archways to mark the entrances to older retail sections of town. From time to time, the Old Town Association has promoted the concept of one or more gateways in downtown Salinas. We have volunteered a number of ideas in the past. The sketch shown here presents two metal towers supporting an arch which spans over Main Street at San Luis Street. Banners could be hung from the towers and changed for periodic events. Vegetable medallions could be added to the towers to give tribute to the valley’s agriculture industry. Like the recently painted railroad bridge on North Main Street, a new gateway would contribute to civic pride.


One Response to “Gateway”

  1. I think an arch or several signs at various entrances to the area as well as maps for pedestrians would be a great addition to downtown.