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Displays of Independence

This bungalow designed by TJC is decorated with patriotic bunting

This bungalow designed by TJC is decorated with patriotic bunting

Flag etiquette says that the U.S. flag should not be draped as decoration; we are to let it hang free. So along with flags, we display red, white & blue bunting decorations of all kinds on Independence Day. It seems that we have done so since our flag was made official in 1777. Our second president, John Adams wrote to his wife Abagail urging 4th of July to be remembered. He wrote that the holiday “ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…”
On July 4th, 2009, houses all over the country were covered with patriotic banners and bunting. And so it was in the small town of Spreckels, California,  known for its annual parade of vintage cars and firetrucks. The Boy Scouts were marching, the 4-H Club was selling sodas, and the PTA was roasting hot dogs and hamburgers. It was that special day when Americans of all ages and backgrounds celebrate our nation’s history. We are so grateful for the freedoms and opportunities our nation offers.


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