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Those of you who have visited our office may have seen the impressive wall mural painted by Christine Sorensen. We asked her about her work in faux finishes, decorative painting (even furniture), murals and commissioned canvases.

  • Q: Where would we see your work?
  • A: I work mostly in private residences, but also in commercial settings. My passion is to transform homes by bringing beauty and harmony of colors. I have been blessed with artistic discernment, a profusion of creativity, and ideas which many local designers have used and enjoyed. My work is very detailed, clean and goes far beyond anything seen in the field of decorative painting.
  • Q: Where does your influences come from?
  • A: My influence is European. French and Italian masters have been my inspiration, plus the revealed beauty found in nature. I love working with my clients, using their ideas, or being given the freedom to bring my own thoughts, so that every project will harmonize perfectly its surroundings.
  • Q: What sets your work apart?
  • A: My clients appreciate my strong sense of nuances and choosing the rights colors. My wall glazing (interior and exterior) have dressed many houses, adding true elegance and life. It is more than just good technique.
  • Q: How long have you been doing your artwork?
  • A: I have been in business for nine years on the Monterey Peninsula and throughout California. A large sample of my work can be viewed on my website.

Christine Sorensen, owner of A French Touch, can be reached at (831) 883-2968 and


Mural by Christine Sorensen

Mural by Christine Sorensen

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