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Ahwahnee Dining Room

Green building is a popular movement in our industry which aims to reduce the negative impacts a building has on the environment and its occupants. An important aspect of a green building is conserving natural resources. Many legendary structures have been built using beautiful wood elements. Picture the massive beams of The Ahwahnee in Yosemite, Asilomar’s Merrill Hall, or any other example of the great craftsmanship used to create beautiful wood structures throughout history.
A clever way to reduce the impact of new wood in your building and add architectural heritage is to use re-claimed wood. Several companies specialize in collecting wood from older structures and selling it for new uses. Wood can be re-claimed from buildings, bridges, logging rivers, sunken forests, wine barrels and other sources. Re-claimed wood often is from old growth trees which can have superior strength and beauty. It can be used for structural beams, posts, siding, paneling, flooring, decking, cabinetry and more.

-James Carleton, LEED AP


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