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Collecting the Internet

The internet is full of interesting information and RSS will deliver it to your desktop. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a method for subscribing to websites that deliver continually updated information, such as this blog from Thomas J. Carleton Architecture. News sites, magazines and blogs are typical uses for RSS.

Sites that are RSS compatible display a link to their RSS feed with this icon:

Many software programs for email and internet browsing can also manage you RSS feeds and present the content for your perusal. I like to use Google Reader, which I can access my feeds from any computer as well as from my iphone.

Subscribing to a site is easy, maybe too easy since I’ve got 74 subscriptions and read only a few of them. I enjoy getting the latest product design trends from Core77, keeping up with the obsessed greenies at Inhabitat, and get clever tech tricks from Lifehacker.  Only the internet could teach you how to make guitar picks from credit cards (Instructables), maintain a minimalist home (Dwell Mag), and see your friend’s latest baby candids (Flickr) in five minutes or less.

-James Carleton

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