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Your Town – October 27th, 2008

Tom Carleton has lined up another group of stimulating guests for this month’s installment of the Your Town television (Channel 24) and radio (KNRY 1240AM) program from 5-6 PM on Monday, October 27th, 2008. Because this live broadcast is only one week before the national election, we will discuss local, state and national issues. Christine Kemp, an attorney at Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss will bring us up to date on Monterey County’s General Plan. Pete Andresen, a business consultant, is a write-in candidate for the 17th District of Congress. He will give his views on the Wall Street debacle. Jeff Taylor, a local businessman, is also a candidate for the 17th District of Congress. Because of Jeff’s focus on family values, he will discuss California’s Proposition 8.
You can also watch the program live on the web at

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