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Green: Insulation

Green building is a popular movement in our industry which aims to change how buildings are designed and built. Green buildings are designed to reduce environmental costs, last longer, and provide health and comfort to their users.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

An important aspect of a green building is energy conservation. In order to build an energy efficient building, insulation should be an important aspect of the design. The performance of heating and cooling systems is dependent on the building’s ability to retain the conditioned air. When you think insulation you probably picture the pink fiberglass material. While this type of insulation is widely used, it is often inadequate. Tests have shown that even the smallest gap or perforation in standard batt insulation can dramatically reduce its effectiveness due to air infiltration.

The green building trend has brought attention to this topic and new solutions have developed. Consider alternative materials like recycled denim, newspapers, or wool. These materials take less energy to produce and don’t add to the interior air pollution like other products. In order to better seal your building consider a spray foam material. For example BioBased 501 is a soybean oil-based polyurethane foam that is sprayed and adapts to the shape of the wall cavity. It works great around pipes, wires, and other items in the wall to seal the space and prevent any air infiltration.

Smart insulation choices can make a big impact on the health, comfort and efficiency of your building.

-James Carleton, LEED AP

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