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Poles with a story

Story Poles

Story Poles

No doubt, you have noticed orange plastic netting strung between poles while driving through the countryside. These “story poles” or “ridge poles” depict the actual size and location of proposed buildings. The brightly colored netting simulates the shape of the roof. These full-scale mock-ups are required in Monterey County and several local cities for new construction or additions. They give the neighbors and the planning officials an opportunity to visit the site to verify that the proposed design meets zoning regulations.

The photograph above shows the poles and netting recently erected to match our drawings for a new custom home, designed to meet all regulations. The homeowners will enjoy an unusual view toward Monterey Bay overlooking the Elkhorn Slough. The poles and netting can be erected by the owner, contractor, or a specialist like Steve Babcock (831-657-9831).


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