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History Often Repeats

"Looking for Answers to Fuel Problems"

The headline “Looking for Answers to Fuel Problem” could have been in this morning’s newspaper. But the date on this article is actually 1979. That long haired fellow on the right is me, explaining how a solar room heater works. Those were energizing times when gas lines were long but entrepreneurial spirits were high. I was fabricating prototypes of passive solar panels, designing fliers, and setting up displays at local energy fairs. If sales had matched my expectations, I may not have returned to my architectural trade.

When I toured the booths at the Green Expo in Monterey last year, the enthusiasm of the young entrepreneurs reminded me of earlier times. I have to admire their zeal. Opportunities for small and creative entrepreneurs need to be encouraged.

A local program that offers promise is “Step Up 2 Green” which encourages homeowners to go green by taking small steps. They have published a one-page guideline listing ways to “save money by reducing the use of energy and water, and ending up with a healthier indoor environment.” Go to their website at


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