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We Need Your Help to Renovate and Recover

Tom Carleton is volunteering to help raise $150,000 to renovate the Men’s Residential recovery facility at Sun Street Centers. (He is a member of their board of directors.) Their state-licensed Men’s Residential Recovery program offers a supportive environment for men seeking a life free from the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Every year, they help hundreds of men and their families.

Originally constructed over 40 years ago, the existing 24,000 square-foot 54-bed facility includes amenities and services unparalleled by any other local recovery program. Residents take care of the facility themselves, providing foodservice, property maintenance, landscaping, janitorial and all other services required to keep operations running smoothly.

The residents keep the facility well maintained, but normal wear and tear has taken its toll. The facility is overdue for renovations and must be upgraded to continue to be habitable. Sun Street Centers is collaborating with the Hartnell College of Construction who will donate most of the labor and the “green” design.

Please help us reach our $150,000 goal by donating to the capital campaign today. Every donation helps, and no amount is too small. Please visit the donate page now. Thank you.

The Mission of Sun Street Centers: To prevent alcohol and drug addiction by offering education, prevention and recovery to individuals and families, regardless of ability to pay.

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One Response to “We Need Your Help to Renovate and Recover”

  1. mortystv big brother Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    It is wonderful to see Tom, a local professional, lending his personal time and expertise to such a worthy local project. Along with Sun Street and Hartnell, this becomes a perfect example of community coming together to not only identify challenges, but create solutions.