Experienced Builders/Developers

You have built or modified buildings before. You know the potential risks and rewards. We have many repeat clients who value our services enough to return with multiple projects. Our goals are focused on our clients’ expectations:

  • Integrity - You want an architect to do what he says he will do.
  • Efficiency - You want an architect to deliver design and construction drawings on time.
  • Cost Control - You want an architect to provide a project within budget estimates for a reasonable fee.
  • Permits - You want an architect to process planning and building permits so you will have less stress.
  • Construction—You want an architect to respond quickly to questions during construction.
  • Pride - You want to be able to brag about your beautiful new building.

For most projects, we prefer to coordinate each stage of work: master planning, building design, construction drawings, permit processing, contractor negotiation, and construction observation. We strive to lessen the risk factors in your next project.


We look forward to discussing your new venture. When we establish the scope of work, we will give you a written estimate of our fees and time schedule, followed by a written contract for your review. Connect to get us started today.