Meet our talented staff

James Carleton

Project Manager/Designer/LEED Accredited Professional

James leads our design projects from conception to construction. He enjoys collaborating with clients to produce buildings that are lasting successes. Trained by Architect Thomas J. Carleton, he has been involved in a wide range of projects, both commercial and residential. James enjoys developing concepts and construction drawings using the latest 3D modeling software programs. He also designed our logo and website among other things. James has achieved LEED Accredited Professional status by the U.S. Green Building Council and is implementing green design practices at Carleton Design.

Johanna Ceornocut

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Johanna's friendly face greets visitors while she is simultaneously keeping the office supplied, organized, and financially sound. She has exceptional organizational skills. She has literally written the book on office management.

Supported by Expert Consultants

J. Michael Wadsworth, AIA

Consulting Architect

Mike is a local architect with a depth of knowledge and years of experience dealing with local clients and jurisdictions. We rely on Mike for review and guidance as we navigate the intricacies of our building projects.

Stephanie Espinoza

Consulting Architect

Stephanie is a talented architect who has valuable experience in multi-family residential. She has contributed to several successful projects with her quick and intelligent solutions.

Dan McMullen

Consulting Architect

Dan is a walking encyclopedia of building code. We use his vast experience as a resource for answering question and checking our work. "How do you detail a dryer vent in a fire rated shaft?" He knows.