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At TJC we consider our approach to Green Building to be pragmatic. We encourage the responsible stewardship of our natural resources and see practical value in designing with "sustainability" in mind. We value benefits to the health, comfort and longevity to owners/users of the green building. Designing a building to serve its users well for the long term is not only green, it’s also smart. Owners can see larger return on investment, happier occupants, and greater community good when a building is designed for sustainability using the principles of green design.

We are equipped to facilitate your green design project. Staff member James Carleton has achieved LEED Accredited Professional status by the U.S. Green Building Council. Accreditation by USGBC enables us to assist you in designing and certifying your green project with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Enviornmental Design). As we continue to expand our green building knowledge and training, we are integrating its principles into our design process. At the same time, we expect our clients will become more informed around these issues and will request green options for their projects. Together we can increase the satisfaction with your building as well as its long term success. Connect to get us started today.

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What is it? | Green @ TJC | Ideas & Resources

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